“What an odd invention” she said, holding up the object. She had never really thought about it in-depth before. It was just always there. She inspected its many ball topped, spikes as she slowly rotated it in her hand. She pressed her hand down on these spikes, pushing the skin of the object down. As it puffed back to life it released a strong, shampoo scent.

She thought back to her childhood and all of the other things she had used it for. A microphone (that produced no extra noise), a back scratcher and even as a fake sword!

But, its primary reason was weird enough. Who creates something with the intention of ripping off hair? It tears out any she could hope to have. Whenever she picks it up, loose strands of hair seem to get caught on her. But where would she be without it? Knots are hard enough to deal with as is. So she continued to rely on the spiky-hair ruining machine.


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