New World

A took a while for me to stop. Stop the tears, the cry of agony. But when I did everything seemed to glow. The grass seemed greener, the sky bluer. As I looked around in wonder, it finally hit me. I was no longer locked away. I was free. Free to explore this beautiful world. Free to traverse it, taking in all the colours and textures.

So I started to walk. I skipped through fields where the morning dew stuck it he blades, iridescent in the light. Every step I took taught me something magical about this world.

First step, I got a pleasant shock stepping on wet grass.

Second step, I was delighted to see it carry the weight of my body. It sprang back to life as if I was a gentle breeze.

Every step had something new. I was excited to be part of this new world. I was excited to see what the future held.


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