Crash! I didn’t expect to wake up. I certainly didn’t expect things to be like this. I attempted to move, feeling something coarse shift underneath. Brown grains clung to my skin like bugs. I sat up in a hurry, forgetting the pain. I frantically slapped at myself, trying to remove these unknown things from my skin. They slid off easily, causing me to pause. They were still, unmoving. My heart was starting to steady and I felt my lips waver upwards. Had I found my world?  Above the dark material stood vibrant spikes of green. As I looked into the distance, these individual peaks blended into one vivid expanse. They worked together; adding to each other and helping themselves grow. Something warm ran down my cheek. I wanted to join the grass, I wanted somewhere to belong. I sat on nature, screaming and crying. Finally letting my emotions free.


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